Kevin Kittridge and I are back in our retro reviews in the lead up to the Series 9 finale by finishing our backwards discussions of the Matt Smith Era by covering the 14 episodes of Series 5 from 2010. Enjoy.

The 11th Hour   Scores Bob 8 /  Kevin 8

The Beast Below  Scores Bob 6 / Kevin 5

Victory of the Daleks Scores Kevin and Bob 2

The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone Kevin and Bob 5

Vampires of Venice Scores Kevin and Bob 5

Amy’s Choice Bob and Kevin 7

The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood Scores Kevin and Bob 6

Vincent and the Doctor Scores Kevin and Bob 8

The Lodger Scores Kevin and Bob 9

The Pandorica Opens/The Big bang Scores Kevin and Bob 8

A Christmas Carol Scores Kevin and Bob 8