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Episode 20 Cosmic Hobo (Part 2 of 2)

Van Donovan and I conclude our discussion on Steven Taylor from the Hartnell era, Power Rangers, our early Convention/fandom experiences …Read the Rest

Episode 20 Cosmic Hobo (Part 1 of 2)

Van Donovan and I discuss Anime, Avon from Blake’s 7, Jamie McCrimmon and the 2nd Doctor’s chaplinesque attire. Check it …Read the Rest

Episode 19 A Good Time All The Time

John Reid Adams and myself discuss The Heath Ledger Joker, the 8th Doctor, original Doctor designs, how a good wig …Read the Rest

Episode 18 Bunnies and Roses

December 4, 2012
Episode 18 Bunnies and Roses

Amanda Avery and I discuss how she was lured into cosplay with Halloween candy, Rose Tyler, Iron Man, Orion Slave …Read the Rest