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Episode 30 – No Pressure The Wonder Con Podcast!

Ewan Anderson and I discuss the “No Pressure” of SoCal cons- Wonder Con! Check it Out!

Episode 29 Jump the Shark

March 25, 2013
Episode 29 Jump the Shark

Kevin Kittridge Guest Hosts this episode where the tables or microphone is turned and I’m in the interview hot seat …Read the Rest

Episode 28 The Designs of June Hudson

Special Guest June Hudson and I (along with Scott Sebring) discuss her Costume Design work on Doctor Who (including Tom …Read the Rest

Episode 27 The Post Gallifrey One Wrap

Kevin Kittridge and I sit down and have a chat about our Gallifrey One experiences, the Idiot’s Lantern Comedy Sketch …Read the Rest

Episode 26 Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good

Gallifrey has come and gone! ┬áIn our wind down I first talk to Nicole Carlson to discuss Ren Faire, Femme …Read the Rest