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Episode 43 The Nightmare Before Christmas – The 2013 Halloween Podcast

So one of the major casualties of the computer and Hard drive crash back in October meant our annual Halloween …Read the Rest

Episode 42 Leather, Foam and Steampunk Style

I chat with C.J. DeAngelusĀ as we discuss the The Terminator, Steampunk Cyclops (X-Men), Steampunk C-3PO, The 10th Doctor, the 8th …Read the Rest

Episode 41 The Clang Addicts! (Original and Historical Costumers)

I chat with Ron Daniels, plus three of the Clang Addicts: Mike Degner, Alicia McAteer, and Giro CaliseĀ  and we …Read the Rest

Episode 40 Batfriend! (in Color) Part 2 of 2

After a long hiatus due to a crashed hard drive, data recovery, replacment hardware and other asundries… we’re finally back …Read the Rest