Taking a break from Cosplay talk for another cutaway episode. Kevin Kittridge is back to join me to discuss the merits and failings of Doctor Who Series Nine.  Check it out!


The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar:  Bob 4/ Kevin 6

Under the Lake / Before the Flood: Bob 6 /  Kevin 5

The Girl Who Died: Bob 6 / Kevin 5

The Woman Who Lived: Bob 2 / Kevin 3

The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion: Bob 4.5 / Kevin 5

Sleep No More: Bob 1 / Kevin 2

Face the Raven: Bob 5 / Kevin 4

Heaven Sent/Hell Bent: Bob & Kevin: 3

The Husbands of River Song: Bob 7.5/Kevin 8.75


  • Samuel Pizarro II says:

    So I am new to your podcast and can I just say that this is the most entertaining podcast that I’ve been listening to! I’m at episode 12 (yeah i’m starting at the beginning) and It seems like you guys talk a lot about Dr. Who. I know about the show but I’ve never watched it and the funny thing is that I still really enjoy haring you guys talk about it and making the costumes for Dr. Who and the great lengths that you all go through with such passion and it inspires me. I’ve made a few costumes by hand, my latest was a full body werewolf costume, not based on any specific werewolf in movies/TV, but what I feel a werewolf should look like. I’m now working on my next costume for NY comicon/Halloween. Keep doing what you guys are doing! Fantastic job!!

    P.S., I’m considering starting to watch Dr. Who, from the beginning…


    P.S. again…I LOVE the opening music for this podcast!!!

    • Bob Mitsch says:

      Thank you for the great feedback. I’m glad you enjoy the cosplay/geek/Who talk. If you would ever want to come on and talk about your costume builds I’d love to chat. Feel free to email me direct at manofsteel25@yahoo.com. The theme is glorious and it doesn’t get mentioned enough but it was composed by frequent guest/cosplayer Scott Sebring who also designed the logo/graphic for the podcast too! Talented guy! If you like it he has two albums of music out n iTunes: Sink or Swim and Secrets in Silhouettes- both are well worth checking out!

  • Samuel Pizarro II says:

    Bob, I would love to come on and talk with you about costuming. Although me talking to you about cosplay would be like an ant staring into the sun. I’m not sure I have enough experience/street cred under my belt. but maybe after my latest costume build, I will have more to contribute. I also do special effects make up as a hobby so if you ever wanted to touch on that and the Horror genre. Not sure if you touch on that subject at all but i’m sure there are, like me, fans of sci-fi and horror. I would be more than happy to do so.

    Btw, after listening to 38 episodes of your podcast, how could I not start watching Dr. Who!! I just watched my first episode today. I started with the 2005 reboot, episode 1- “Rose”.

    Ummm plastic mannequins trying to take over the world?!?! Yeah I’m in!


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