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Episode 75 The Gallifrey One 2017 Live Podcast

The Live From Gallifrey One 2017 massive Round Table Podcast. Included are guests from the past Kevin Kittridge, Brian Uiga, …Read the Rest

Episode 63 Geek Regeneration!

December 18, 2015
Episode 63 Geek Regeneration!

Andrew Elkins of Geek Regeneration and I sit down and go down the Doctor Who Rabbit Hole discussing Tom Baker …Read the Rest

Episode 25 The Doctor’s Tailor (Part 2 of 3)

The Countdown to Gallifrey One Continues! ┬áSteve Ricks and I continue our chat about ┬ámaking Davison & Tom Baker Frock …Read the Rest

Episode 23 Femmes and Graces (Part 2 of 2)

Our Countdown to Gallifrey One continues! This episode I conclude chat with Lyn Adams about Dragon Con, the Awesomeness of …Read the Rest