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Episode 67 The Silicon Valley Comic Con Podcast

Silicon Valley Comic Con (the descendant from Big Wow Comic Fest) is discussed and covered by myself and a round …Read the Rest

Episode 55 The Bucket List

December 20, 2014
Episode 55 The Bucket List

Gen aka Penwiper from Prydon Academy/dwcosplay and I have a long chat about the old school cosplay vs new school, …Read the Rest

Episode 48 Villainess Creations

I chat with the minds behind Villainess Creations – Elizabeth Bursick and Kristin Smith. We discuss New York Comic Con, …Read the Rest

Episode 31 Boots and Tights Part 1 of 2

Today I chat with Sam McClellan and Kelby LeNorman to discuss Comics, Superheroes, Spider-Man, Bucky Barnes, Sucker Punch, Batman, Superman, …Read the Rest

Episode 18 Bunnies and Roses

December 4, 2012
Episode 18 Bunnies and Roses

Amanda Avery and I discuss how she was lured into cosplay with Halloween candy, Rose Tyler, Iron Man, Orion Slave …Read the Rest