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Episode 60 Abby Darkstar and Keith Zendragon

Abby Darkstar and Keith Zen join me to discuss an abundance of characters including Indiana Jones, Starbuck, Riker, Troi, Shanna …Read the Rest

Episode 59 The Big Wow Comic Fest 2015 Podcast

I host a roundtable of usual guests Kevin Kittridge, Scott Sebring, Teri Samuels, Vickie Sebring, Thom Parham, Valerie Perez, and …Read the Rest

Episode 50 Big Wow 2014 – Bigger Wow

Big Wow 2014 is the topic of discussion among a roundtable of friends including: Valerie Perez, Scott Sebring, Vickie Sebring, …Read the Rest

Episode 45 The Post Gallifrey One 2014 Podcast Wrap

Well, Gallifrey One 25 Glorious Years is done and dusted – but we’ve all finally recovered enough to bring you …Read the Rest

Episode 44 The Pre Gallifrey One 2014 Podcast

With the whirlwind that is Gallifrey One 25 Glorious Years approaching- I’ve been rather busy so the podcast fell by …Read the Rest

Episode 30 – No Pressure The Wonder Con Podcast!

Ewan Anderson and I discuss the “No Pressure” of SoCal cons- Wonder Con! Check it Out!

Episode 23 Femmes and Graces (Part 1 of 2)

Our Countdown to Gallifrey One continues! This episode I chat with Lyn Adams about femme Doctors, Grace Holloway, and more. …Read the Rest

Episode 20 Cosmic Hobo (Part 2 of 2)

Van Donovan and I conclude our discussion on Steven Taylor from the Hartnell era, Power Rangers, our early Convention/fandom experiences …Read the Rest

Episode 14 The Effort of Looking Good (Part 1 of 2)

This episode, Rachel Ashley-Lovelace and I discuss Anime, Astrid, Rose Tyler and Convention mishaps. Check it out! ¬†Find out more …Read the Rest

Episode 8 Wonder Woman! (Part 1 of 2)

I talk with Valerie Perez about her superlative Wonder Woman Costume, Zatanna, Scarlet Witch and more. Check out more about …Read the Rest