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Episode 56 Sheelagh Wells

February 7, 2015
Episode 56 Sheelagh Wells

This week I have a special episode where I talk with BAFTA award winning make-up artist Sheelagh Wells and her …Read the Rest

Episode 52 Galliplay – The Cosplay of Stephan and Heather Reese

Stephan Reese joins me to discuss his various Dr. Who and SF inspired cosplay projects. We talk about Farscape, MST3K, …Read the Rest

Episode 47 The Costumes of The Hillywood Show

The Hillywood Show creators Hilly and Hannah Hindi discuss their latest Doctor Who parody. We also talk about the costumes …Read the Rest

Episode 42 Leather, Foam and Steampunk Style

I chat with C.J. DeAngelusĀ as we discuss the The Terminator, Steampunk Cyclops (X-Men), Steampunk C-3PO, The 10th Doctor, the 8th …Read the Rest

Episode 19 A Good Time All The Time

John Reid Adams and myself discuss The Heath Ledger Joker, the 8th Doctor, original Doctor designs, how a good wig …Read the Rest

Episode 14 The Effort of Looking Good (Part 2 of 2)

This episode, I conclude my chat with Rachel Ashley-Lovelace discussing Rose Tyler, Astrid Peth, Costume misidentifications and general companion philosophy. …Read the Rest

Episode 4 10th Doctor Talk

October 2, 2012
Episode 4 10th Doctor Talk

This episode, I’m joined by Puppeteer/Motion Graphics Artist Kevin Coppa about his amazing 10th Doctor Cosplay, Vespiform, Scaroth and more. …Read the Rest