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Episode 82 Cowboys, Vigilantes and Doctors

Pasquale Piro is my guest this week discussing his love of cosplay and his fantastic costumes for Brisco County Jr., …Read the Rest

Episode 81 San Diego Comic Con 2017 Wrap Up

I am joined by a roundtable of guests including Kevin Kittridge, Scott Sebring, Vickie Sebring and Julie Jekel. We discuss …Read the Rest

Episode 79 Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017!

We discuss Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 Con Highlights, Celebs, Cosplay and Comedy. I’m joined by a roundtable including Scott …Read the Rest

Episode 78 Gallifrey One 2018!

Gallifrey One 2018 “Live” Coverage With a roundtable of guests including Josh Poole, Kevin Kittridge, Chad Edward Lee Evett, Brandon …Read the Rest

Episode 75 The Gallifrey One 2017 Live Podcast

The Live From Gallifrey One 2017 massive Round Table Podcast. Included are guests from the past Kevin Kittridge, Brian Uiga, …Read the Rest

Episode 71 CosPerformer Entertainment

Brandon Hillock of FanBoyBrandon on Facebook/instagram and twitter talks about being a Cosplayer in early days on conventions, being Jack …Read the Rest

Episode 69 12th Doctor Series 9 Talk- Just the Episodes

Taking a break from Cosplay talk for another cutaway episode. Kevin Kittridge is back to join me┬áto discuss the merits …Read the Rest

Episode 68 From Catwoman to Xena

I sit down solo with Vickie Sebring to discuss her arsenal of costumes, muppet recreations and commissions including: ’66 Catwoman, …Read the Rest

Episode 66 The Post Gallifrey One 2016 Wrap Up

Gallifrey One 2016 has come and gone and a bunch of us are here nursing con blues to discuss costumes, …Read the Rest

Episode 65 Gallifrey One 2016 Live!

Our first “live” Podcast from Gallifrey One 2016 talking the Gally Con Experience and Costumes Saturday Night Feb. 13th. Round …Read the Rest