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Episode 73 Team TARDIS & Pizza – The Annual Halloween Podcast

Team TARDIS aka Ewan Anderson, Stephen Prescott, Matt Munson and Pisquale Piro join me in another annual round of Discussing …Read the Rest

Episode 12 Turnips and Taco Mix: The Halloween Talk (Part 1 of 2)

I’m joined for this Halloween episode by a round table of friends including Kevin Kittridge, Ewan Anderson, Scott Sebring and …Read the Rest

Episode 5 “That Happened”

Kevin Kittridge and I discuss dressing as the 5th Doctor, The Macho Man Savage, Convention stories, our early days of …Read the Rest

Episode 4 10th Doctor Talk

October 2, 2012
Episode 4 10th Doctor Talk

This episode, I’m joined by Puppeteer/Motion Graphics Artist Kevin Coppa about his amazing 10th Doctor Cosplay, Vespiform, Scaroth and more. …Read the Rest