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Episode 75 The Gallifrey One 2017 Live Podcast

The Live From Gallifrey One 2017 massive Round Table Podcast. Included are guests from the past Kevin Kittridge, Brian Uiga, …Read the Rest

Episode 57 The Post Gallifrey One 2015 Podcast

A massive roundtable including Scott Sebring, Aubrey West, Kevin Kittridge, Ewan Anderson, Teri Samuels, Vickie Sebring, Andrew Elkins, Julie Jekel, …Read the Rest

Episode 27 The Post Gallifrey One Wrap

Kevin Kittridge and I sit down and have a chat about our Gallifrey One experiences, the Idiot’s Lantern Comedy Sketch …Read the Rest

Episode 22 The Faceless One (Part 1 of 2)

Countdown to Gallifrey One continues as I chat with Amanda Winter about Anime Roots, how she got into Dr. Who, …Read the Rest