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Episode 70 Star Trek Las Vegas 2016

Boldy going to Las Vegas for the Star Trek 50th Anniversary, I found some down time on the Saturday during …Read the Rest

Episode 42 Leather, Foam and Steampunk Style

I chat with C.J. DeAngelus as we discuss the The Terminator, Steampunk Cyclops (X-Men), Steampunk C-3PO, The 10th Doctor, the 8th …Read the Rest

Episode 40 Batfriend! (in Color) Part 2 of 2

After a long hiatus due to a crashed hard drive, data recovery, replacment hardware and other asundries… we’re finally back …Read the Rest

Episode 38 At the Workbench Part 2 of 2

I wrap up my chat with Matt Munson about  convention experiences, Mr. Spock, TARDIS Building, Batmobile building and more! Check …Read the Rest

Episode 6 Monster Masque (Part 1 of 2)

I’m joined by Mette Hedin and Bryan little for this episode to discuss Dr. Who Monster making including the  Vashta …Read the Rest