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Episode 74 The 1989 Joker and Beyond

I chat with Carlos Velarde and his excellent Jack Nicholson 1989 Joker. We also Discuss Alien Chest bursting from Spaceballs, …Read the Rest

Episode 71 CosPerformer Entertainment

Brandon Hillock of FanBoyBrandon on Facebook/instagram and twitter talks about being a Cosplayer in early days on conventions, being Jack …Read the Rest

Episode 62 Halls and Masques

November 26, 2015
Episode 62 Halls and Masques

Hannah Black and I sit down and discuss her spectacular Masquerade costumes including original and adapted designs for Doctor Who, …Read the Rest

Episode 13 Robot in Disguise (Part 1 of 2)

Malaki Keller and I talk about ins and outs of Prop Making in the film/TV industry, cardboard robots, TransFormers and …Read the Rest

Episode 11 The High Council of Tweed

I’m joined by Ewan Anderson to talk conventions, glories, mishaps and dive into the 11th Doctor’s Costume as seen in …Read the Rest

Episode 7 Eternal Childhood (Part 1 of 2)

Guest Ron Daniels and I discuss Ren Faire, Stage Combat, Steampunk, The 8th Doctor’s Costume, Sonic Screwdrivers, Photon – the …Read the Rest