Episode 58 Neill Gorton on Make-Up Prosthetics

Neill Gorton gives insight into the Make-Up SFX industry and his work on Doctor Who. Thanks to Deverill Weekes and …Read the Rest

Episode 57 The Post Gallifrey One 2015 Podcast

A massive roundtable including Scott Sebring, Aubrey West, Kevin Kittridge, Ewan Anderson, Teri Samuels, Vickie Sebring, Andrew Elkins, Julie Jekel, …Read the Rest

Episode 56 Sheelagh Wells

February 7, 2015
Episode 56 Sheelagh Wells

This week I have a special episode where I talk with BAFTA award winning make-up artist Sheelagh Wells and her …Read the Rest

Episode 55b Dr. Who Series 8: Just the Episodes

Kevin Kittridge and I are back along with Malaki Keller with another costume cutaway episode to breakdown and discuss our …Read the Rest

Episode 55 The Bucket List

December 20, 2014
Episode 55 The Bucket List

Gen aka Penwiper from Prydon Academy/dwcosplay and I have a long chat about the old school cosplay vs new school, …Read the Rest

Episode 54 Harley’s Joker

November 29, 2014
Episode 54 Harley’s Joker

Anthony Misiano aka Harley’s Joker and I discuss his outstanding Joker Cosplay from make-up to props to perfect lapels. We …Read the Rest

Episode 53 Candy: Impossible The Halloween 2014 Podcast

I host a 3rd annual round table of guests discussing costume origins, halloween traditions, candy, pumpkins and more. The Big …Read the Rest

Episode 52 Galliplay – The Cosplay of Stephan and Heather Reese

Stephan Reese joins me to discuss his various Dr. Who and SF inspired cosplay projects. We talk about Farscape, MST3K, …Read the Rest

Episode 52b 11th Doctor Talk Series 6 – Just the Episodes

Kevin Kittridge joins me in another Dr. Who cutaway episode where we talk and review our thoughts on the 2011 …Read the Rest

Episode 51 San Diego Comic Con 2014

We’re back with a long overdue SDCC 2014 podcast. I host a roundtable with many of the friends I attended …Read the Rest