Scott Sebring and I discuss his journey into bat-mystery with his 1966 Batman Costume evolution, meeting Adam West, Bat Cowls, the power of Batman and Robin together and Convention/appearance stories! Check it out! Scott’s blog page can be found here:  The ’66 Batman forum can be found at,  The all important Replica 1966 Batman Cowl and chest emblem that Scott currently wears are by Chuck and Lynne Williams at Williams Studio 2 (  and can be found at their Etsy store: Custom Boots:, Custom Gloves: and (for those who like our very own podcast theme composed by Scott) his album Sink or Swim can be found here:

20070905 Promo 1

SDCC 2004

SDCC 2004


First time in the Bat Suit

First time in the Bat Suit

Batman and Robin in action

At the BatCopter!

Just…one more thing.

Auctioning a Bat Cycle with George Barris

Just a Couple of Bat-Fans

An Early SDCC outing for Scott and Vickie

Bat-eras collide

Adam and Batman… together again

With Yvonne Craig at an Auction

Strolling the Streets of Gotham

On the Steps of Gotham City Hall

A Close Crime Fighting Moment

Atomic Batteries to Power, Turbines to Speed

Safe Landing old Chum.

On Patrol in the Batmobile


The Mood Portait- and a kickin’ Cowl!

Ready for Action

With Wally Wingert and the Bat-Gang

Batman: The Lost Publicity Still

Not a Moment to Lose!

Batmobiles are cool

Leading an Escelator of JLA’ers at SDCC

Why Scott loves Comic Con