After a long hiatus due to a crashed hard drive, data recovery, replacment hardware and other asundries… we’re finally back to finish out 2013 with a handful of great interviews. First we finally have the 2nd half of my chat with Scott Sebring as we discuss the minutia of Batman ’66 costuming, The Phantom (1996 Billy Zane) costume, Star Trek Away Team, Captain Kirk, the Lone Ranger, The Green Hornet, 50’s Zorro and more conventions stories! Check it out! Scott’s blog page can be found here:  The ’66 Batman forum can be found at,  The all important Replica 1966 Batman Cowl and chest emblem that Scott currently wears are by Chuck and Lynne Williams at Williams Studio 2 (  and can be found at their Etsy store: Custom Boots:, Custom Gloves: and (for those who like our very own podcast theme composed by Scott) his album Sink or Swim can be found here:

Scott with Jerry Robinson

Scott with Jerry Robinson

The Green Hornet Rides again

First picture as Caped Crusader in his Wally cowl

Current caped crusader sporting his Williams Studio 2 cowl.

Current caped crusader sporting his Williams Studio 2 cowl.

Scott’s early Batman- at Guitar Center

With George Barris and the Batmobile

Scott at the Bat-Wheel

Surprise- Making a Young Fan’s Day at the Bat Cave

SDCC 2005 Where Scott and I first met

Scott and Wally

At the Bull Run in Hollywood

Batman always has time for Gotham’s youngest citizens

Scott Meets Adam

Rocking the Kirk

As the First Doctor in 2009

Away Team SDCC 2009

Dashing Green Hornet

The Brigadier under Attack at Gallifrey 2010

Just… The Brig

Star Trekkin on the TOS Bridge

With the Real Phantom Billy Zane- Old Jungle Saying

The Ghost Who Walks

Phantom and Wonder Woman Team Up at SDCC

A 60’s End-Of-Episode Freeze Frame Moment

The Whole Trek Crew Gathers to sell some cologne

Classic Trek Trio

Who Was That Masked Man?

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger Comic Book Cover Shot

The Rocketeer is ready for ACTION!

Scott as Captain Action in Lost in Space???

Meeting Van Williams!

The Rancho Cucamonga Superhero Day at the Public Library

Zorro! Zorro! Zorro!

Zorro ready for Action

Zorro makes the sign of the Z!

Inadvertantly plugging the Wrong Green Hornet

Green Hornet ACTION FONT

Zorro gets to flirt… with a Sister of Plentitude

Zorro flirts with the wrong guy’s sister!