So one of the major casualties of the computer and Hard drive crash back in October meant our annual Halloween Podcast didn’t get to go up at Halloween! So what better way to end 2013 and bring us up to date on the Costume Station Zero interview vault than by having Halloween at Christmas. So here we go- another round table of fun with previous and new guests: Kelly Delcambre, Teri Samuels, Andrew Elkins, Erik Hoard, Malaki Keller and myself dive deep into our childhoods to talk Ben Cooper, Halloween parties, Evil Ernie, buying vs making costumes, Indiana Jones, KISS, Transformers, Raggedy Ann, Princesses, Spider-Man, Mad Max, Godzilla and more. Check it out! ┬áHave a Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ┬áCostume Station Zero Will Return in… 2014.

Teri as Raggedy Ann

Erik in his early Doctor Costume

The faces of Kelly – Freddy Kruger, Beetlejuice and Phantom of the Opera

Igor/Ogre Costume in box

Erik as Indiana Jones

Erik as Indiana Jones

Erik as Four

Kelly as Spider Man

Erik as the Six Million Dollar Man

Clown Kelly

Spider Man Ben Cooper Classic

Kelly’s Award Winning SAW Costume

Erik as Puff the Magic Dragon

Erik as Puff the Magic Dragon

Kelly’s Award winning Optimus Prime and Megatron costumes

Erik as Mad Max

Erik as Lee Van Cleef

Kelly – KISS!

Erik – In Period

Erik – as Godzilla