With the whirlwind that is Gallifrey One 25 Glorious Years approaching- I’ve been rather busy so the podcast fell by the wayside but we are finally back in 2014 to kick off with a Pre Gally Podcast roundtable including: Kevin Kittridge, Andrew Elkins, Scott Sebring, Vickie Sebring, Julie Jekel, Amy Hirshman, and Erin Logan. We talk about our costumes, ribbons, Champions food, what panels and guests we’re most excited for and more. Checkout the Cosplay Hall and Red Carpet areas for the new TARDIS backdrops this year and also check out the idiot’s Lantern Comedy Sketch show we’re doing Friday night in the Meridian Program B Ballroom on the Main Lobby Level at 10PM! Check it Out!

Gallifrey One

Idiot's Lantern